Ariel Piper Fawn masturbates for SexArt

The name of this brilliant erotic video from SexArt is “Only Me” It comes from the series “Vintage Colletion” and this time the star is Ariel, aka Piper Fawn. The beautiful redhead is not only pretty but also naturally busty. Amazing masturbation. What I also love about this clip is the music – exotic type of tune. Very energetic.

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Whitney Conroy masturbates for SexArt

Prepare yourself to see an explicit video trailer from the most recent SexArt update – “Inspiration” featuring the beautiful, curvacious blonde Whitney Conroy. It’s not a secret that she likes to masturbate and today was “that” day for Whitney. She was hornier than ever before and was stuffing her wet pussy with fingers real hard. Take a tour and watch full version

Connie Carter masturbates for Sex Art

So, SexArt model Connie Carter is a businesswoman who’s time is very limited and today she has a free hour during the day and she wants to make the best of it. That’s why she heads towards the nearest hotel, rents a room, gets inside, undresses and…masturbates ! Yes she’s fingering her shaved pussy like crazy and her big boobs are jumping up and down while she masturbates.

The Game with Isabella and Lena

This is the third part of the exclusive SexArt show – “The Game” . When Isabella and Chrystin are finally in charge of their prisoner they show their cruel side and do some nasty stuff to him, like grab and squeeze his balls, or even crush them with boot. They can’t decide if they should kill him or not, but one thing is sure – Isabella wants to him to watch them having lesbian sex. After this they’ll decide what to do with him…Take a tour of SexArt

Luscious Drops with Lorena and Charlise Bella

The video you’re about to watch is named “Luscioud Drops” starring Lorena B. and Charlise Bella. At the beginning Charlise is punching the boxing bag while her friend changes clothes, later they train together. After that they go gome and take a bath together. Lorena begins touching Charlise and initiates some kisses. When they’re clean they go out of the tub and go upstairs for some spicier action.

Candice Luka listens to music and mastubates !

I’m sure you heard about the girl name Candice Luka. She was featured at most of the “art” type of sites. Guess what, now it’s her debut @ sexart ! Which means you’re not only going to watch her nude (which is awesome) but also some masturbation and kinkier stuff. Just like in today’s video called “Io Ballo Da Sola” , Candice is at her home listening to music, at one moment she feels horny and starts rubbing her panties in the crotch area. After that , she takes them off and starts the masturbation !

Tracy Lindsay and Tea Jul in “End of the Night”

The newest SexArt movie is called “End of the Night”. So two ladies: Tracy Lindsay (the blonde) and Tea Jul (the brunette) were partying all night and now it’s almost morning and they’re finally back home. If you think they’re gonna go to sleep, you’re so wrong. The girls just drinks some more champagne, then go upstairs, take off their clothes and high heels and have wild lesbian sex!

Violette and Zara in “City Ride”

In line skaters: Violette Pink and Zara Jay are having fun on the streets. They both love skating and they both love eachother. After couple of hours, they returned home very tired. But not THAT tired. Instead of going to sleep they jumped on the couch and started to cuddle. Cuddling quickly turned into kissing, which turned into getting naked. It went downhill from there…

Swimming Pool with Jenna and Kayla

Always something new from SexArt ! This time we go underwater to watch Jenny Appach and Kayla Lyon swimming and touching eachother in the pool. Go Pro camera is a wonderful tool, lol. Anyway the girls are enjoying their time together and they’re not faking kisses or everything else. What’s “else” ? Click play and see for yourself. The camera keeps moving all the time, some may like it , some may not – I think it adds to the overall watching experience.

Samantha Joons and Tracy in Jenga

The video starts with two girls playing Jenga. The brunette is Samantha Joons and the blonde is Tracy Lindsay (who was featured @ SeXart couple of times before). After a while the game turns into wild girl girl sex craze. The girls are kissing eachother and fingering their pussies real hard. This clip is very sensual and explicit at the same time. Another masterpiece.